July Newsletter

Hello! I hope everyone’s July is off to a Bloomin’ start and that everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!

It is getting warmer and I could not be more excited! Excited for the sun and the various outdoor adventures! However, the sun can bring sunburns and other effects from the sun’ UV rays.

Below we share the Environmental Working Group’s link to their guide on sunscreens as well as our favorite choice for sun care products!

Read on to learn more about sun care, our picks this month, Essential Oil classes and more!

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Essential Oil of the Month

Lavender is a widely used oil for its various benefits. Commonly, it is used for its ability to reduce anxious feelings, promote relaxation & help soothe away tension – including head & neck tension.

Due to these properties, lavender is a perfect oil to diffuse or use topically during stressful days, experiencing head tension, or when you need a little encouragement falling asleep. 

Note: Essential Oils are not FDA approved

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Muscle Ease Rollerball

Do your joints or muscles ache? Are you looking for a natural solution? Check out Bloom in Clean’s all natural Muscle Ease Rollerball.

If you want some fact acting oily support, just apply the Muscle Ease on the targeted area of concern.

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Essential Oil Classes

Did you know that we offer online classes? Perfect for the introvert who prefers to learn fromt he comfort of home!

We currently offer 25 various Essential Oil classes, 4 of which are FREE!

Check them out on the homepage of our Website, or click here for a direct link!


Maybe you spend a bit on the class, but over time you will save money creating your own powerful essential oil concoctions. By choosing natural remedies you have at your fingertips – it will save you time. Which we all know that time is the most valuable thing in our busy lives. 

Essential Oils 101

In this FREE course you will learn what Essential Oils are, how doTERRA is different than other companies, how the oils can save you time & money and how aromatherapy can benefit you!

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Essential Oils & Gardening

Learn about how Essential Oils can also benefit your garden! Whether is comes to pest control, plant wellness, attracting pollinators, topical or aromatic used – we got you covered!

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Essential Oils & Pollen Relief

Whether it’s itchy eyes, sore throat, a runny nose or something else – in this course we go over how to naturally alleviate & support various allergy symptoms.

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Have You Stocked Your Sunscreen Yet?

There are so many various brands and types of sunscreens out there? 

It can be hard to tell which ones are actually safe to put on our skin, which claims are legit and which ones we should choose to stay protected from the UV rays of the sun. 

If you want to know what to look for and what not to look for, check out EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Guide to Sunscreen to learn more!

We recommend to doTERRA’s Sun Scare collection – they have: Body and Face Mineral Sunscreen in a lotion, stick and spray as well as other awesome and natural sun care options! Chick the link below to check them out!

You can also read doTERRA’s blog on What to Look for in a Natural Sunscreen!

doTERRA Sun Products


Alright, I think that is all for now!

Hope everyone has a Bloomin’ good day!

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