What’s New in August 2023

A Note from Erika

Hello! I Hope everyone’s August is off to a Bloomin’ start!

You can find all the oils here!

OR you can stop by Carpet One, at 42 Gilman RD in Bangor ME and pick up a pre-made Hand Sanitizer Gel OR Spray today!

Essential Oil of the Month

Lemon oil is an amazing citrus essential oil that has various uses & benefits!

For one, lemon is a great oil for cleaning due to it’s degreasing abilities. It is also a great oil for when you want to add a little flavoring to your favorite recipe or beverage.

When you need a mental boost – whether due to lack or energy or stress – lemon is a great oil to use in aromatherapy. 

Note: Essential Oils are not FDA approved

You can find Lemon oil here

Fruit & Veggie Wash

Not a fan of petrochemicals on your produce? Neither are we! So get ready to say goodbye to them and hello to clean prodcue!

Our Fruit & Veggie Wash is a safe, all-natural way to clean your food – as we use lemon and grapefruit essential oils for their antibacterial & antifungal properties.

Finally, an easy to use spray that you can put your trust in!

Even better it is affordable at $8 – and just like the rest of our cleaning products, you can trade in the bottle when it’s empty and get a refill for half the cost! (Valid for local sales only)

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Online Essential Oil Classes

Did you know that we offer online classes? Perfect for the introvert who prefers to learn from the comfort of home!

We currently offer 25 various Essential oil classes – 4 of which are FREE!

Check them out on the homepage of our website, or follow the direct link below!

Or read on to see our featured classes this August!

Essential Oil Classes

Maybe you spend a bit on the classes, but over time you end up saving money by creating your own powerful essential oil concoctions. By choosing natural remedies you have at your fingertips – it will save you time! Which we all know that time is the most valuable thing in our busy lives.

School Time with Essential Oils

It can be stressful for everyone int he home when school starts back up.

In this course, you will learn which oils are best for your kids AND for you – whether you want to boost the immune system, stay calm or boost focus & energy!

Learn More!

Essential Oils for the Home Spa

have you ever wanted to create your own, all-natural, home spa experience?

We got you covered in this course, where you will learn various oils, blends and products for your skin! As well as how to create the Spa Ambiance right at home!

Learn more!

Dangers & Precautions of Essential Oils

Essential oils provide so many benefits that is can be easy to forget that they can cause harm if not used appropriately. 

In this FREE course we go over how to use essential oils safely, what precautions to take and how to get the most out of your oils!

Learn more!

Alright I think that is all for now!

I hope everyone has a Bloomin’ good day! 

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