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February 2020 Newsletter

Happy February everyone!

Does February get you excited like it does me? Do you like to feel the warmer weather and like to have an excuse to have a date with the one you love? I love an excuse to connect and put Justin first. He deserves it and I bet your partner or close friend does too.

February can also be a chance for us to reflect on our New Years health and wellness goals to see if we are getting there or back peddling. It also gives us a chance to focus on the people we love, which allows us to spread more joy. Plus, everyone loves appreciation and gratitude once in a while, right?

The other day I had about 30 minutes to shop at the mall and try on some fun and sassy undergarments so I can surprise my man this Valentines Day. Since my recent weight loss I am only filling out about half of my bra, which is not really attractive. I am also not one that likes to shop, so needless to say, I am in dire need of new undergarments for my newly improved body.

I have been starting to ask myself, “What’s the point of the weight loss if the clothes I am wearing are hanging off of me”? Plus, my handsome husband treated me to a gift card for the holidays and I still haven’t used it and it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever been really excited to finally do something to reward yourself so you can feel sexier and possibly happier, but get slapped in the face with some sort of bad situation you have no control over?

My guess is that we all have!

I have been shopping at Victoria’s Secret for years, probably since I was 13, that makes 30 freaking years! I pretty much smelled like vanilla for all of my teenage years because I HAD to have their lotion. Now, that I stay clear of synthetic fragrances- I don’t buy or wear their lotions or fragrances anymore, but I have continued to buy my undergarments from there.

It’s pretty much a no brainer where I would go to shop, so I set off to the mall after my workout and shower. It was early in the morning and the mall was just opening up (I like to go when the crowds are down). When I approached the store I was sneezing and my eyes started watering.

I immediately knew I was reacting to the fragrances and I wasn’t even inside. I quickly bolted to the back of the store to ask someone to measure me because I knew I would break out in hives if I tried anything on and knew I could order later online.

The manager was super friendly and I asked her if she could measure me quickly because I had to get out of the store since I was reacting to the synthetic scents. I said I have never been in there when they had such strong fragrances. She informed me with a huge smile that she sprays the changing rooms every morning to make it smell nice for her customers.

She quickly measured my chest size and I then, pretty much ran out of the store. When I got to the car I had already gotten a rash on my chest where her hands had touched me. That got me thinking, what is Victoria’s Secret anyway?

You may be asking yourself, why should I care what the heck happens to you Erika? I am not affected by fragrances and I don’t really care what happens to you.

I plead to you that you should care what the secret ingredients are.

Women of all ages are unknowingly putting toxic chemicals on, in and our bodies at drastic and alarming rates compared to men. We believe in our brand, we believe that the government is protecting us or we believe that companies are testing to see if the product is safe.

Did you know approximately 70,000 synthetic chemicals are used in US household products and the EPA is not legally obligated to make chemical companies divulge their ingredients or prove they are safe?

That, my friend, makes us Americans guinea pigs and it is definitely cause for concern!

Synthetic chemicals are found in almost all household products and we use them regularly. They can harm our internal and external environment and stress our bodies out. Indoor air pollution is often 300-500 more concentrated in the home compared to outside because of the use of everyday chemicals we choose to buy and spray on ourselves and in our living spaces.

Toxins from synthetic products can build up in our bodies over time and cause harmful side effects. Some known side effects are asthma, rash, allergies, obesity, hormone disruption, nerve damage, infertility, immune dysfunction, cancer and even death.

Do you want to keep buying products that could be stressing your body and cells out?

If not, next time you shop for any household products like candles, lotions, lubes, air fresheners, cleaners, perfume, soap, bleach, laundry soap or room spray-STOP AND READ THE LABEL. Chances are if you can’t make out the words on the label or if there is a blanket terms, like “perfum or fragrance” it means “chemical shit storm” and you should keep it far away from you and your loved ones

Knowledge is power-don’t be in the dark. You can make a difference and vote with your dollar everyday. I hope you vote natural over synthetic!

This February and Valentine’s Day consider buying products that support your body and environment instead of harming them. You, your loved ones and the environment are SO worth it!

*If you can’t make it to our class tonight I will have the Love in Bloom set for sale. It comes with two 10ml aphrodisiac rollers (both male and female), 2 ounce warming massage oil and 2 ounce erotic lube for only $40 plus shipping unless you want to pick up at Carpet One. This is an exclusive offer and it will end February 12th.

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