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January 2020 Newsletter


Hello and Happy New Year!

I am very excited for 2020 and look forward to what it has in store for all of us! doTERRA has some great deals going on right now to kick off the new year! If you have never purchased doTERRA wholesale we have the best promo going on. Before I let you know about those amazing deal, I would like to share something from my heart.

As I reflect on the past year it gets me emotional. Hold on while I sniff some Console…

We had quite a few ups and downs as a family. I will save you from some of the details right now.

I would however, like to share with you all a personal goal that I was striving to complete before the new year. My hope is that my experience of this personal goal may help at least one person out there that is going through a similar situation.

My personal goal last year was to lose 30 pounds. I had not lost one pound eight months into the year. I was still my overweight self weighing in at 190 pounds-the same exact weight as the beginning of the year.

I was frustrated with myself and knew I needed to make different food and life choices. I was continuing to work out regularly with our beloved trainer, Adam Clark, but wasn’t seeing my efforts on the scale. I had to own I was eating like crap and start to make some changes.

I started researching different auto-immune diets. I was diagnosed with a skin disease called Vitiligo and I felt like I needed to address that with diet, plus I had some new achy joint pain. It made sense to go for an auto-immune diet that can help reduce inflammation and pain and possibly reverse the auto-immune thing that had crept up.

I read THE PLANT PARADOX, by Steven R Gundry MD and was convinced to started his recommended auto-immune diet. This is a diet that kicks dairy, grains, nightshades and sugar to the curb. Boy golly, it has not been easy dropping those food groups and honestly it’s such a lifestyle change that I only end up doing about 80% (I have a weakness for wine and some rice).

Regardless of that, I am happy to report that I lost 40 POUNDS by the new year and I only started this lifestyle change 4 months ago!

My body is feeling so much better already. I am less bloated, my joints feel better, my skin is getting some pigment back in the white spots, I am more energetic and probably the most important thing I am happier. This is huge!

The diet change was instrumental but so were some other parts of my life.

Our personal trainer-Adam Clark has definitely helped me stay on track and so has my gym family ( you know who you are). There is really something powerful to showing up at the same time, the same day of the week sweating and helping your body stay strong and fit with other humans. Adam even diffuses doterra essential oils and uses Bloom in Clean products in the gym-so it even makes him stand out even more!

Our family of four have continued to use essential oils and supplements everyday in our home to keep healthy and support our mood. We have been so proactive with their health that we have been fortunate to have never put our children on antibiotics. Every month we get our wellness box to stay healthy and create natural products for our home and bodies-this practice is both sustainable and empowering.

What types of changes are you looking to change this year?

Have you set goals and actions steps to make your goals a reality?

Does learning about how you can empower yourself with essential oils sound like something you want to try?

If you are curious how essential oils work and how using natural products can help you-please schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation here. I would be honored to work alongside you to find your natural solutions to everyday life issues.

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