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July 2019 Newsletter

Hello there, friend!

What is your doTERRA story?

I always love to ask my customers this specific question…


Well, maybe you have not started incorporating doTERRA into your life yet OR maybe you are using dozens of products OR maybe you are somewhere in between.

The reason this question is so important to answer is because for many people they said YES to doTERRA because this wonderful company became a beacon of hope in their extremely difficult life…

-Health challenges
-Relationship challenges
-Financial challenges
-Career challenges
-Emotional challenges

Their doTERRA story is one filled with breakthrough, transformation, impact, and success.

doTERRA is so much more than an essential oil company.

It is also so much more than Healing Hands or Co-Impact Sourcing or Source To You…

doTERRA is a way of life that yields endless possibilities for those who are part of this wonderful experience.

I invite you to answer this very important question this month…


Let me know how I can support you this month and make sure to look at all of the wonderful promotions and resources below.

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