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November 2019 Newsletter

Hey, friend!
Can you say “60-days left in this decade?”
WOW is the only word that comes to mind.
What has been your top highlight of the past 10 years?
For me, doTERRA is a major part of my story.
This company means so much to me and so much to all of the people I shared it with. My gratitude is overflowing for your belief in me and I will forever be grateful that I am able to share essential oils with you and your family.
I have always wanted to do something positive in the world and doTERRA has made this possible and it really feels special.
To honor my gratitude, I wanted to share a really powerful quote with you…
“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” – Zig Ziglar
What are you most grateful for?
What brings you joy and excitement?
What allows you to lose track of time and place?
Gratitude is such an important daily ritual and in our fast-paced society, it becomes even more critical.
If you are open, I would love to challenge you this month to express gratitude daily…
Gratitude for the people in your life.
Gratitude for the opportunities that exist.
Gratitude for yourself!
You are such a special person and you owe this Gift of Gratitude to yourself and to the people and things that make you smile.
Have a blast and remember – I am grateful for you!
Also, make sure to read this entire newsletter because it is packed with information and promotions and a very special holiday guide filled with the perfect gifts.

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