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September 2019 Newsletter

Can you believe it’s September?!

This is always an exciting month since the doTERRA Global Convention takes place which means there will be many announcements!

From new products…
To new research…

And this year is extra special because doTERRA has announced a Kindness Challenge and I hope you decide to participate.

“Kindness makes people feel less alone.”—Leon Logothetis

Kindness is one of the greatest acts you can offer. In fact, I believe that most people live a life where they feel isolated, alone, and lost.

This is why doTERRA is such a wonderful place! Outside of offering the most wonderful essential oils and health products, we have also built a family of millions of people from around the world.

Countless people say that when they found doTERRA they found their purpose, they found their home, and they found their WHY.

This month, I want to challenge you to pay the gift of doTERRA forward, not only to sell products, but also to help at least one person (hopefully, many!) by getting them to realize that doTERRA will fill a void in their life while improving the entire world.

Show up this month – with even more drive than ever before – and recognize…


Let me know how I can support you this month and make sure to look at all of the wonderful promotions and resources below.

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