What’s New This September

A Note From Erika Bloom

Hey all! Erika here!

School is back in session, and we all know stress is on the rise emotionally, physically and mentally.

Are you tired of the same ole same ole recommendations and want to get some relief?

Do you want something that is natural, easy to use and affordable to help support your loved ones with natural solutions?

If that sounds like you, read on- we have a multitude of options and support for you!

You can find all the oils here!

Essential Oil of the Month

Bergamot Essential Oil is an amazingly sweet and citrusy oil. For years, it has been commonly used in Italy for it’s ability to promote a calming and soothing environment.

Not only is this a great oil for when stress levels may be high, it can also provide skin purifying and cleansing benefits!

This awesome oil cna be used aromatically, interally and topically – when precautions are taken.

Note: Essential Oils are not FDA approved.

You can find Bergamot Oil here.

Chill AF Rollerball

Do you ever feel like you need some extra emotional support? Do you sometimes find yourself needing to just take a minute? This calming blend may help with that!

Our Chill AF Rollerball is concocted with powerful emotional supportive oils that provide an aroma of soothing, relaxing and calming properties.

Just roll this rollerball over your pulse points and down your forearms and inhale the oils deeply. 

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For the Introvert

Did you know that we offer online classes? Perfect for the introvert who prefers to learn fromt he comfort of home!

We currently offer 25 various Essential Oil classes – 4 of which are FREE!

Check them out on the homepage of our website!

Check out our featured classes this month below!

Maybe you spend a bit on the classes, but overtime you will save money creating your own powerful essential oil concoctions. By choosing natural remedies you have at your fingertips – it will save you time! Which we all know that time is the most valuable thing in our busy lives.

Emotions & Essential oils

Are you wanting to know how essential oils can help bring emotional balance into your life?

In this course you will learn, not only some Essential Oil basics, but also which blends and specific oils for various emotions that all of us humans experience!

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Essential Oils
& Sleep

Are you curious about a mroe natural way to fall and stay asleep? This this course is for you!

Through this course, you will learn why sleep is so important, how to create a bedtime routine, what oils can help one fall asleep with various other benefits and more!

Learn More Here

Essential Oils
& Kids

Are you curious if Essential Oils can benefit your kids? Well they can!

In this course we go over just how essential oils can benefit your kids’ daily routines, as well as how to introduce oils to them and – most importantly – how to use them safely!

Learn More Here

Are you a plant enthusiast? Do you want to brign nature indoors? Do you want to learn more about plants and how to care for them? THen check out Mainely Succulents in Orono Maine!

Mainely Succulents believes that indoor plants are for everyone! Not only do they offer a wide selection of amazing plants, they also offer Interior Plant Design for your workspace, and prioritize plant care & education. They offer workshops and events, or you can tlak to their Plant Doctors who can help you learn more about your plants or help bring your plants back to life!

You can find their retail storefront at 46 Main Street in Orono, Maine or check them out on their website to learn more!

Harvest Spice

Have you tried doTERRA’s Harvest Spice essential oil? It’s back in season!

This amazing Essential Oil provides an uplifting fall aroma – filling your home with a welcoming and homey fall feeling!

Get it today!

10% Off

All throughout September, Pink Pepper Essential Oil will be 10% off at doTERRA – while supplies lasts!

Pink Pepper Essential Oil provides a spicy, fruity & yet slightly woody aroma.

This awesome oil is known to help calm & support the immune & nervous system.

For a fresh start aroma blend, try diffusing Pink Pepper with Eucalyptus and Lemon Essential Oils!

Get it today! 

Oil of the Month

Want to get a FREE 5mL bottle of doTERRA’s Hinoki with your next loyalty order? When you place a loyalty order of at least 125PV by September 15, you can!

Hinoki is an amazing Essential Oil that has a fresh, woody & balsalmic aroma that when diffused can create a relaxing environment.

This amazing oil is also known for it’s ability to help sooth and “refresh: the skin – which also makes it a great choice for a massage oil!

125PV Bag

Alright, I think that is all for now!

Hope everyone has a Bloomin’ good day!

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